January 31, 2013

David Sandoval’s Celebrity Transformation Challenge is On!!

David Sandoval has been working with actors, models, athletes and other celebrities for years helping them get in tip top shape. The whole food, super food and green food regimen that has earned him the reputation as the go to man for people that have to get ready quick for a career changing audition, competition, or photo shoot sharing this regimen in a Weight Loss Challenge! Every 10 days, he will be giving away a 3 day, all expense paid trip to the Planet Oasis Retreat in California to one qualifying contestent. At the end of 90 days, there will be 9 winners, and 18 people (each winner and their guest) will enjoy healthy food, stimulating activities and impactful education. Every night will include entertainment, laughter and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I’ve done one 10 day challenge and lost 6 pounds. I will post my pics later, but know they will be much more impactful after my second 10 day round, so stay tuned!

March 6, 2012

Great time to try what many athletes have discovered gives them the edge…

Athletes face 8 nutritional challenges.  They consist of:

  • Core Nutrition
  • Muscle Building
  • Energy
  • Reaction Time
  • Hormone Balance
  • Recovery
  • Repair
  • Rehydration

David Sandoval, the owner of Purium Health Products works with athletes, models and stars all over the world. He offers the “Awesome Products for Athletes” line for all to enjoy the benefits of this natural, effective, safe, proven and guaranteed line.

If you have read the ” ‘Awesome Products for Athletes’ Hall of Fame” Post, you have seen how professional, amatuer athletes and models alike are passionate about this line.  Well, GREAT NEWS!  We have two “Awesome Produdcts for Athletes” specials for the months of March and April.  In the first special, the “Athletes Complete Pack,” you will receive:

  • Power Shake – consists of super foods to address Core Nutrition including organic Kamut wheatgrass, spirulina, activated barley, rice bran solubles and more!
  • Master Amino Acid Pattern – builds lean muscle mass like nobody’s business!  Was designed for patients in Comas to build lean muscle mass in their hospital beds to prevent muscle atrophy.  All natural, vegetarian sourced.
  • Bee Energetic – adrenal support translates into true, long term, natural energy from plants and our buzzing friends – includes spirulina, bee pollen, american ginseng, and cordyceps.  Most energy drinks deplete your adrenals leading to a slippery slope of exhaustion and burnout.  The ability to draw on adrenaline is key to an athlete’s long term success.
  • Revive-It-All – supporst lightening fact reaction time.
  • Super Male Formula – despite the name, great for men and women for naturally balancing testosterone.
  • Astaxanthin Advantage – formally called Athletes Advantage for its unequaled ability to support recovery.  Since it had so many other advantages beyond this (sun protection, support of the nervous system, etc.), it was renamed, but the original benefits are still amazing.
  • Joint-Flex – combat the stress of repetitive and strenuous activity by increasing flexibility, reducing inflammation, and minimizing discomfort without the long term toxicity of chemical anti-inflammatories.  Nothing stops chronic pain, inflammation, and enhances repair like this exclusive herbal and superfood matrix.
  • Ionic Elements – rehydrate and replenish with minerals from all natural sources.  Poor hydration and mineral depletion can lead to fatigue, muscle aches and cramping, fatigue and/or dramatically decreased performance.  Gatorade has 4 minerals – Ionic Elements has 72 ionically charged electrolytes and trace minerals – you do the math!

The special gives you the Bee Energetic, the Astaxanthin Advantage, and a shaker bottle for FREE!!!!  PLUS enjoy free shipping, and an additional 30 – 45% off by sending me a message, and I will walk you through getting this special price!

Additionally, there is a second pack, the “Athlete’s Core Pack” designed for the less serious athlete, and/or someone wanting to stick their toe in the water first addressing Core Nutrition + Muscle Building + Energy + Recovery + Rehydration:

  • Power Shake
  • Master Amino Acid Pattern
  • Ionic Elements
  • Receive a FREE Astaxanthin Advantage!

Enjoy Free Shipping on this pack as well, and ask me for details on how to get 30 – 45% off on this pack as well.

February 14, 2011

Green Foods Guru David Sandoval Coming to Boca Raton!

Don’t miss David Sandoval, world-renown health specialist and author of The Green Foods Bible, live in person on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 at Wyndham Garden Hotel, 1950 Glades Road, Boca Raton, between 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  This highly anticipated event is sure to sell out, so don’t wait – RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW!   Cost:  Only $5, and you will receive a $5 coupon, free samples, and a door prize ticket.    Click here to RSVP. 

Do you suffer from sleepless nights? Are you stressed out from work? Does the economy have you slipping in and out of depression?  Is it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight?  Find that your family are coming down with more colds, flus, allergies or asthma?  Or do you just need more energy and that healthy glow? 

Most people who are not able to obtain optimal health don’t realize why it is such a challenge in the first place. What if I told you there are some easy fixes, something you could do right now that could help you feel younger, stronger and more vibrant all while extending your life expectancy at the same time?  No matter what health challenges you are experiencing, David can help you to customize a super food regimen to enhance your body’s ability to heal itself and to restore a more youthful feeling that we should have.

David will also discuss how to reach peak performance as an athelete – whether for your weekly yoga class or as a pro athlete.  We all deserve to be our best at what we love to do.  All of this will be included in …
***Learn the secrets to Aging Gracefully*** 
I invite you to save the date:  Wednesday, March 2nd 2011, so that you can join me for what will surely be a lively evening, a night with the dynamic David Sandoval who will be sharing his expertise on the one topic most important to us all: “How to Age Gracefully.”  If you have not had the opportunity to experience David in person you are in for a treat!
An extremely knowledgeable and passionate communicator, David’s primary goal is to educate and empower us so that we can make intelligent, healthy decisions for ourselves for the rest of our lives.   He has dedicated more than two decades seeking out – and gaining access to – sources of rare and diverse super foods. David teaches us how WHOLE food supplements are far superior for our well-being than a steady regimen of (isolated) vitamins. 
This is not just talk: David has irrefutable data and academic research that demonstrates the benefits of these whole food products and he shares all that he knows with loving conviction.  
By attending this special event, you will also get:
•      Priceless face time with David Sandoval, a world-renowned natural health advocate
•      Knowledge that will empower you to take your health into your own hands
•      Samples of delicious super foods that will feed & invigorate your body on a cellular level
•      A chance to win an exciting Raffle Prize & a $5 coupon towards David’s books, DVD’s or Super Food  Products

David Sandoval has helped thousands of people achieve a healthier lifestyle. Now, you can learn the same secrets that have helped professional athletes, celebrities and famous recording artists and people all across the U.S. just like YOU. 
Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to learn from and shake hands with one of the most sought after health gurus today.   
Mark Your Calendars and Reserve Your Seat by filling out the form below – take this simple (but priceless) step towards a healthier more youthful YOU!   Click Here to RSVP.

Check out David on YouTube.    Click Here to come see more!

Two other dates are available with limited availability – March 1st in Fort Lauderdale at 6:30 p.m. and March 3rd in Delray Beach at 7:00 p.m.  Click on either link for more details and to RSVP.   

December 5, 2010

“Awesome Products for Athletes” Hall of Fame

Many professional & ameteur athletes, bodybuilders as well as gym enthusiastists have learned the benefits of Purium Health Products all natural approach to sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplementation.  The sports nutrition and body building supplements harness the power of nature to fuel their drive to athletic success.  Many like to keep their secrets of success, well, a secret.  A few have come out and shared why they love the “Awesome Products for Athletes” line.  Here is what they have to say. 

Name:Eric Nies
Title: Advocate for Wellness through Nutrition, Life coach, Fitness Model
Achievements: Founder of Chi-Force Enterprises, advocate against childhood obesity, reality TV pioneer, former host of top rated dance show “The Grind”
Favorite PHP Product: Power Shake, Daily Fiber, Organic Kamut Blend, Aktivated Barley, Master Aminos, Revive-it-All, RENEW Hair Skin & Nails, Herbal Fiber, Apothe-Cherry, Aloe Vera, Organic Tropic Oil

In 2004, I had my first encounter with ‘Super Foods’, and I haven’t spent a single day without them since! Super Foods are essential for anyone that wishes to be truly full of light, health and pure, natural strength. I have seen lives transform from these products (including mine!). When you are on a nutrient dense diet, your body is receiving what it needs to function properly. That means that your body is in balance and will therefore produce the natural chemicals to keep YOU balanced and happy. Super Foods also help you to lose weight and bring you closer to your ideal shape of lean muscle. So, imagine if you start your day off with a Super Food Shake, eat delicious meals made of mostly or all RAW foods, and exercise a little bit (or a lot, up to YOU!)…Your life will never be the same. Ten years after breaking into TV as an example of extreme fitness, I feel and look as toned and cut as I ever have and I owe it to David Sandoval and the amazing superfoods program he developed. These foods make it easy to do all the right things for your body to keep you at the top of your game and looking fantastic. On this program, your body will thrive as never before. To prove it, I just completed a 40 day [Anabolic] “fast” on nothing but “super foods” consuming less than 600 calories per day and my body is in perfect physical and physiological health.

Name:Laura Eckstein
Title: Natural Female Bodybuilder/ Fitness model
Achievements: 3rd place in NPC Figure Competition
Favorite PHP Product:Power Shake, Master Amino Complex, Bee Energetic, Joint Flex, Organic Tropic Oil

I am preparing to enter a figure competition in November[2009]. My last competition was six years ago. I am excited about doing this competition the healthy “green” way. In the past after each show my body would fall apart, I would come down with strep throat due to the lack of nutrition and proper supplementation.

Since my last show I had gained weight, my moods had been up and down and my energy level had been very low. I thought I was either pre diabetic or hypoglycemic. My blood sugar would drop so low and I could barely function. I was also a sugar addict. As I passed my 40th birthday my body really started to change. I had fat where I never had it before around my belly and on my arms. I felt so ashamed. I had been in such great shape and now my body was fighting with me. No matter what I tried the weight did not budge.

I have been using the Master Amino Complex, Revive it All, Coconut Oil [Organic Tropic Oil] and Bee Energetic, along with the Power Shake. I wanted to share with you the amazing progress I have been making. For the last few months I have been back at the gym, eating only food from “Mother Nature”, and using the “Superfoods for Supermodels” [eating plan] as a guide while also taking the supplements above. My body has undergone a fantastic complete change. My energy is unlimited, the weight is coming off, my blood sugar is stable for the first time in years and I have energy all day long!!

(Picture was sent in about 6 months after we first received Laura’s letter!)

Update (2010): “I went back to school and am now a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. I also came in third place in the NPC Figure Competition open age division!!! I will be doing more competitions this year and plan on winning first place!”

Name:Tiffany Ann Morales
Sport: Volleyball
Achievements: High school Freshman female MVP Athlete, National Champion for 16U Beach Volleyball, qualified and/or competed in 3 separate Junior Olympics for 3 different sports, top 10 Finalist for the 2009 Sports IIustrated Kids’ Sports Kid of the Year!
Favorite PHP Product:Awesome Products for Athletes

I am a strong believer in the value of Purium Health Products and use their plant based products as part of my daily routine. I am currently an amateur athlete training hard ill the Sports of beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, and water polo. My dream is to play Woman’s volleyball at the NCM Division I level in college upon graduation from High school. In order to achieve my dreams, / must continue to train hard and constantly work to build my core strength, quickness and stamina. As you can probably guess, this takes plenty of energy and proper nutrition. However, when you’re traveling to practice and events and doing school work in your other remaining moments it becomes extremely challenging to always eat correctly. My conditioning coaches would warn me that our modern diets just don’t contain the proper nutrients and that I needed to be sure to supplement my diet with trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids in order to maximize my potential. Fortunately my father and I met David Sandoval around that time and he shared the PHP story with us. Ever since that, I have been supplementing my diet with [David’s] all natural products. For example, every morning my Mother mixes a scoop of Scoop of Greens in a protein shake for me along with a couple of drops of Ionic Elements. Also, / always make sure to take the Master Amino Complex before work outs and games. 1 can actually feel the difference and believe I am now more explosive on the court. After practice and games I take a teaspoon full of PHP’s terrific antioxidant drink known as Apothe-Cherry which helps me recover in time for my next practice or event. I think my results since becoming a believer in Purium Health Products are proof that healthy supplements can help you achieve more.

Name:Koya Webb
Title: Fitness Model, Life coach, Fitness Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, Raw Chef, Author
Achievements: Author of “ Koya’s Kuisine-Foods You Love That Love You Back!”
Favorite PHP Product: Power Shake, Master Amino Complex, Organic Tropic Oil, Apothe-Cherry, Cracked Cell Chlorella, Spirulina

Being a fitness model, a pure food vegetarian, and an author who teaches how to prepare “foods you love that love you back”, I am always trying to find the most effective way to maintain lean body mass and meet my body’s needs for protein, fat and carbohydrates. Purium Health Products has most of my favorite organic whole foods. My favorites are Master Aminos, Spirulina and virgin cold pressed coconut oil, all of which fuel my cells and nourish my body with pure, whole food nutrition! I highly reccomend these products to anyone who wants to achieve a more vibrant, loving life!

Name:Frieda Bobay
Title: Fitness model/ Natural Body Builder
Achievements: 3rd place in Women’s Fitness Model division of the Zac Titus “Fame Hollywood 2007” competition
Favorite PHP Product:Master Aminos, Spirulina, Organic Kamut Blend, Rice Bran Solubles, Aktivated Barley

“I used to drink a lot of coffee and lived fairly unhealthily. I‘ve always wanted to get in shape, but the drive wasn’t there until a friend of mine, a personal trainer [Koya Webb], got me to sign up for a fitness competition. I had a deadline. I had to shape up fast. In order for my body to perform like I needed it to perform, I knew I had to keep my energy level up- coffee was out and that was very difficult for me. I love coffee! So I had to find energy elsewhere.”

Frieda used a combination of products- Spirulina, Organic Kamut, Rice Bran Solubles, and Aktivated Barley* as well as the Master Amino Complex to dramatically improve her workout.
“Whenever I had a sugar craving while I was working out, I had a green shake. When I didn’t I’d be lethargic and tired…I also think the Green Kamut helped my dandruff because when I started drinking it, my scalp stopped flaking.”

Frieda’s hard work and dedication paid off when she competed in the prestigious Zac Titus “Fame Hollywood 2007” event on Sept. 15th and placed 3rd in the women’s division in her very first competition, an amazing feat for someone who by her own admission loved junk food and hated working out!

*Please note that for your convenience- a full serving of each of the aforementioned products, plus a serving of Purium’s Carrot Juice Plus, are now all included in Purium’s Power Shake- saving our consumers both time and money!

Name: Peter Thomas
Title: Martial Artist and certified Martial Arts and Kickboxing Instructor, Professional Stuntman & Fight Choreographer, aspiring Model & Actor, Fitness Enthusiast
Achievements: Holds prestigious instructor ranking in ‘Jeet June Do’ under Dan Inosanto (Inosanto is the only man trained by the late Bruce Lee to teach this martial art),Dedicated student and Instructor of the vast Filipino, Indonesian, and Malaysian martial arts (known as Kali, Escrima, Arnis, and Silat) under Dan Inosanto, Silver Glove instructor in ‘Boxe Francaise Savate’ (AKA French Boxing): Winner of 2006 national championship (in Savate) and Member of Team USA in Paris, France, Associate Instructor in ‘Muay Thai’ (AKA Thai Boxing), Professional stuntman and fight choreographer for several Hollywood films (Notably for the late David Carradine of “Kung Fu” and “KIll Bill” fame)
Favorite PHP Product:Master Aminos, Revive-It-All

As a martial arts instructor, Hollywood stuntman, and aspiring actor, I must be at my very best at all times. Purium Health Products provides the products that protect my body and allow rapid recovery from injury and ensure that I am maximizing my workouts. With PURIUM’s Awesome Products for Athletes, I am improving stamina, reaction time and focus- that makes me feel strong, confidant, and capable of anything. My favorite products in the fitness line are Master Aminos for muscle strength and Revive-It-All for reaction time and focus. I recommend these products for anyone who needs to maximize their performance and realize their full potential!

Name: Jeremy Jackson
Title: Actor, Event Coordinator, TV personality, Health and Wellness Advocate
Achievements: Seminal role as Hobie Buchanan on TV’s “Baywatch”, 2 full length albums with two top 10 hits and several singles, Event Coordinator and Celebrity endorser for Christian Audigier’s Von Dutch and Ed Hardy clothing lines, cast of VH1’s “Confessions of a Teen Idol”, Induction into Young Hollywood Hall of Fame.
Favorite PHP Product: Power Shake, Master Amino Complex, Astaxanthin Advantage, Super Male Formula, Ionic Elements, Organic Tropic Oil, Revive-It-All, Rice Bran Solubles, Aktivated Barley

Jeremy Jackson’s story has a much happier ‘ending’ than most child stars; unlike many of his peers that were thrust into fame at an early age and then developed a substance abuse problem, ultimately he did not let the drugs get the best of him. After his battle with drug addiction (both during and after the 9 years he spent playing Hobie Buchanan on the ‘90s phenomenon ‘Baywatch’) he made it through rehab and ten years later is still a working actor, passionate about remaining clean and sober, and healthier than he has ever been!  Far gone from his often destructive ways as a teenager, his renewed dedication to personal health, fitness, and wellness have propelled him into the best shape he has ever been in his life and has led him to help out countless colleagues through their own battles with addiction…So really, this is just the ‘beginning’ for the ‘new and improved’, and most importantly, supremely healthy Jeremy Jackson!

I always had a love for fitness and a curiosity of how it all works. For years I tried different aspects of fitness. I loved swimming, running, weightlifting, and mixed martial arts. Until recently, I never realized how much science there really is with fitness and to achieving my ultimate goals. The reason I got to my goals is because I really and truly wanted to learn the correct way for optimal fitness and not just to have the nicest body.

Eric Nies turned me on to David Sandoval/Purium Health Products during our filming of VH1’s “Confessions of Teen Idol” [aired January 2009] – FINALLY my fitness routine was supplemented PROPERLY with an optimal nutritional plan when I began to take the Power Shake (with an extra serving of the Rice Bran Solubles and Aktivated Barley) Master Aminos, Super Male Formula, Astaxanthin Advantage, Revive-it-All, Ionic Elements, and Coconut Oil (I use it on my skin, to cook with and in shakes) on a daily basis. I now do all these EVERY DAY and I could NOT imagine ever stopping this health plan! Eleanor Roosevelt once said something that really resonated with me, “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan”. This is so true- take it from me, Jeremy Jackson.”

Name: Antonio McKee
Sport: Mixed Martial Arts
Achievements: career 23 wins and 3 losses, MFC Lightweight Championship
Favorite PHP Products:Power Shake, Master Amino Complex, Meal Option (Creamy Vanilla)

Antonio McKee (born March 12, 1970) is an American professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter with a current record of 23 wins and 3 losses. McKee began wrestling at the age of 14 and quickly found his niche, competing with the likes of Dan Henderson, Heath Sims, and John Smith. It was 10 years later when he was asked to participate in his first MMA match, which resulted in a win over Shannon Ritch.

Antonio is also credited with having an elite MMA training center Body Shop Fitness in Lakewood, CA where fighters such as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and the former Tokyo Sabres team have trained and he is currently in production on his new reality show “Fight School TV.”

McKee’s last fight came at MFC 22 where he again used his solid wrestling skills to earn a unanimous decision victory over Carlo Prater. The match should have been for the MFC title but Prater did not make weight. Previously McKee won the MFC Lightweight Championship by defeating Derrick Noble by unanimous decision (49-46 on all three of the judges’ scorecards).

In addition, Antonio has spearheaded a non-profit organization known as “Fight for Kids” which is a program designed for underprivileged youth in effort to obtain training and funds in order to participate and compete in various athletic programs. He has a soft spot for kids and loves to give back to his community.

Name: “Vicious” Vivian Harris
Sport: Boxing
Achievements: IBA and WBA World championships
Favorite PHP Products:Awesome Products for Athletes line

Born June 17, 1978 in Georgetown, Guyana (Africa) Vivian Harris was seduced by the boxing game at an early age. A track & field and soccer standout as a child, Vivian was introduced to the sweet science by his father, a fight promoter, and his brother, an amateur boxer.
Once, while watching his brother get pummeled by an opponent, an overzealous Vivian jumped into the ring to try and help his sibling. The boys’ dad held Vivian back but knew the fire was lit.

Despite the protestations of his mother, Vivian made his in-ring debut at the age of twelve. Resorting to hiding his gear from his mom, the young fighter took odd jobs such as shoveling snow to pay his gym dues and battled his way to the Guyana National championships and upon arriving in the U.S., the 1997 New York Golden Gloves.

Eventually, his mother found out that he was fighting behind her back and locked him out of the house. Forced to live with family and friends, Vivian soon discovered that his girlfriend was pregnant with his first child. It was then that he knew that boxing was no longer just a passion but a means of survival.

Turning pro on November 4, 1997 at the tender age of nineteen, Vivian beat his first opponent, Levi Long, via 4th round KO. Soon signing with Main Event Boxing, everything was looking up for Harris. A new baby, a new career, and reconciliation with his mother. Then tragedy reared its ugly head.

A week before a scheduled televised fight on ESPN2, Harris was accosted by a robber outside a store. Rather than give his money up to the thief, Vivian fought back and was stabbed in the stomach.

Clinging to life. Harris’ boxing career seemed a million miles away. Doctors said that Vivian was literally five minutes away from death. They said that he would never fight again. To make matters worse, the relationship with the mother of his child ended.

It was then that he found the love of his life, who nursed him back to health and helped him resume his road to greatness. Taking control of his career, Vivian ignored the critics and stepped back into the ring, knocking out his very first opponent.

With animal instinct and razor-like precision, Vivian earned the nickname “Vicious” as he plowed through the competition, garnering number one contender status at the age of 23. His dreams were realized on October 19, 2002, when he beat Diobelys Hurtado to capture both the IBA and WBA World championships.

After a successful two-year reign, Harris was eventually unseated by Carlos Maussa but remains one of the top ranked fighters in the world. With a record of 29-3-1 and 19 KO’s, “Vicious” Vivian Harris has his eye squarely on current light welterweight king, Manny Pacquiao, vowing to once again sit at the top of the boxing mountain.

December 4, 2010

Building Muscle for Athletes and Body Builders

Purium offers, among other things, a breakthrough supplement that offers the best muscle building benefits of any other product on the market.  What if I told you that you could build lean muscle mass, even if you were in a coma on life support ingesting this 100% natural vegan supplement?  I know it sounds crazy, but here is my experience…

When I met David, I was 47, busy entrepreneur and mom of an 8 year old, and had gotten out of shape.  I started on the Master Amino Complex, and within 3 days, the flab under my arms had completely tightened up!  Well, let me tell you, that motivated me to get back in the gym, and the results were then even more astounding! 

David Sandoval, president of Purium Health Products explains the important aspects of this amazing supplement:

“Building muscle mass requires the perfect combination of training, technique, nutrition, and recovery, and protein is perhaps the most vital part of building lean, strong muscle.  Unfortunately, most protein products on the market are of very poor quality, and science has proven that excessive protein intake or low quality protein intake damages the kidneys and actually impedes us from having our best workouts and achieving our maximum potential. 

In order to create lean, strong, and powerful, and strong muscles, top athletes around the world have discovered what doctors have known for years, and what 36 clinical studies have proven – that the Master Amino Complex provided by Purium Health Products is unprecedented in it’s ability to provide your body with the raw protein, the raw building blocks, so that you can achieve your maximum muscle potential, and not have any damage done to your kidneys whatsoever.  The Master Amino Acid Complex is over 99% bio-available within 22 minutes of consuming and does not pass through your kidneys.  This means that it goes directly into the function of building lean muscle and providing energy and endurance that your body needs in order to achieve it’s very best.  Simply take 6 – 10 Master Amino tablets 30 minutes before any strenuous workout or competition, and you will feel an immediate increase in strength and endurance, and you will feel the power of MAC.  After your very first workout, you will see an immediate increase in both the strength and hardness of your muscles.”

All Purium products come with a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee.  You will notice a difference in just a few days, but if not, return your empty bottles for a refund.  You have nothing to lose by trying this revolutionary product!

December 4, 2010

Sports & Bodybuilding Core Nutrition

Again, whatever “level” you are at, it is important to have our basic nutritional needs met to reach our maximum potential.  Typically, when we take a supplement with the alphabet of vitamins and minerals.  First, the vitamins are typically synthetic (worst) or natural, but isolated (better, but still sorely lacking). 

As an example, a synthetic Vitamin E has dl- before it’s name, like dl-alpha-tocopherol, while a higher quality vitamin E is natural, as in d-alpha-tocopherol, and better yet, a mixed tocopheral, which would list more than one, like d-alpha-tocopherol and d-beta-tocopherol, d-gamma-tocopherol, etc.  Let’s say your really using top of the line, and they use 3, 5, maybe even 7 of the tocopherals, and maybe even a few tocotrienols.  The problem is that there are over 100 known components of true, whole Vitamin E, both tocopherols and tocotrienols.  So when you take the blend of maybe 3, 5, or 7 tocopherals, plus a few tocotrienols, your body in it’s infinite wisdom knows that it needs the other 80 or 90 or so components of Vitamin E.  What happens next is the body searches out the other components, and puts the vitamin E back together.  So in the short run, you get some benefits, but over time, wherever the body is drawing the other components from starts to suffer from a deficiency in those components.  That is why Vitamin E research is so inconsistent and confusing – one day they claim it helps your heart, the next you read it contributes to heart disease.  These are the kind of “findings” that show they just don’t get it:

“In a study of men with coronary artery disease, it was d-gamma-tocopherol that was low, not d-alpha-tocopherol suggesting that d-gamma- may be more important than d-alpha-tocopherol in preventing heart disease.”

The danger, in my opinion, of this kind of statement is that it suggests to those with heart problems, or even those trying to prevent heart problems, that they should megadose with d-gamma-tocopherol.  If you take the d-gamma-tocopherol in isolation, it may cause an imbalance in another bodily function that needs the d-alpha-tocopherol, as well as the other what the other 98 components of the Vitamin E are needing to do. 

Bottom line:  The body must be treated holistically to have truly balancing nutrtion.  Instead of taking one component of Vitamin E for your heart, get food sourced Vitamin E with the whole range of componants.  The more you can get your nutrition from whole food sources, the better.  Most sports nutrtion companies will tell you that you can’t get it from your diet – that you would have to drink quarts of corn oil or eat pounds of sunflower seeds – but the truth is that there are superfoods with the whole Vitamin E spectrum.  Dave is the master of SuperFoods, and  The Purium Health Products “Awesome Products for Athletes”  is a great way to do meet the nutrional needs with a holistic, whole food strategy. 

In David’s words (remember, I can show you how you can easily get 25 – 40% off of the list price):

“When my friends came to me and told me they needed a powerful fuel to carry them through their competitions and their workouts, I knew exactly what I had to do. 

First of all, I started with activated barley.  This is the food of the gladiators – the only food the gladiators were allowed to eat before they fought in the circus, and it is the basis of the Power Shake

To this, I added the powerfood of the Aztec Indians, organic spirulina, the most perfect single nutrient source on earth – 65% pure vegetarian protein, and loaded with all the essential fatty acids and other  nutrients your body needs to fuel your cells.  

Organic carrot juice in order to sweeten and energize your body.  Carrot juice is known as one of the most important parts of any juice fast or “raw” food regimen.  This is due to the fact that its deep, rich, orange color comes from the abundance of beta-carotene, minerals, and other phyto-nutrients that are unique to the tuber family.

In addition to that, we use the power of brown rice – not the center white portion, but the outer nutritious  bran.  This is the food that’s used by martial artists all across Asia, as their basic nutritional substance to give them power, rather it be a Sumo wrestler, karate, or any of the martial arts, brown rice is known as a power food that should be consumed each and every day. 

Finally, this food contains the most powerful green vegetable known to man known as wheat grass juice.   Wheat grass juice oxygenates the body.  Wheat grass juice will detoxify lactic acid that builds up during rigorous workouts, and more importantly, it contains every vital nutrient that your cells need to be fueled and experience maximum performance. 

When combined, we call this unique combination of SuperFoods the Power Shake.   Just , mix  2 Tablespoons with water or fresh juice to get all of the fuel of a highly nutritious meal and to maximize your performance.”

The second item that is great for Core Nutrition for Athletes & Bodybuilders is  “Meal Option,” and it comes naturally flavored in either Vanilla or Strawberry.   Again, look at the label of most Protein Powders and you will see the ABC’s of either synthetic and/or isolated nutrients, perhaps even artificial sweeteners which have been shown to impede athletic performance. 

Meal Option is a delicious between meal drink that utilizes real whole foods to create a balanced and nutritious choice that will satisfy your body’s needs without compromising on quality.  Easy to use, Meal Option contains our scientifically balanced -30-30-15-10 profile.  When you compare our Meal Option to the most popular between meal options, you will be amazed at the superior ingredients

Meal Option provides 30% isolated whey protein to build lean muscle and provide branched chain amino acids that increase endurance.  This is 95% pure protein and creates a balanced protein to carbohydrate ratio.  Real “complex” carbohydrates are your primary source of energy.  Most products give you “empty” carbohydrates from sweeteners like fructose and corn syrup.  We provide 30% complex carbohydrates from a patented barley beta glucan, activated by enzymes that suppress the appetite to provide that full feeling.  These “chains” of complex carbohydrates break down slowly over 2-3 hours providing a steady supply of calories to the blood and help avoid blood glucose crises.

Unlike other products, we recognize the body’s need for fat.  Without good fats in our diet, we crave the “bad” ones.  Meal Option contains 10% fat from medium chain triglycerides and wheat germ oil provide energy and endurance.  These friendly fats satisfy your body’s need for lipids and help eliminate the craving that lead to that irresistible urge!  We also recognize that any whole food needs bulk or mass in order to move through the body.  Our natural 15% soluble and dietary fiber content helps trap fat and toxins as they cleanse the body, plus helps give you a full satisfied, “I’ve got something in me feeling.”

Use Meal Option anytime you know you will not be able to eat or not be able to eat right.  You will never go hungry again.

Lastly, to meet your nutritional needs, you need to obtain the full spectrum of bio-available minerals.  This will be discussed in the upcoming “Rehydration” post, or if you can’t wait, read this.

These three products will give you meal replacements and meet your basic core Sports Nutrition and Body Building Supplementation needs in a holistic and satisfying way.

December 3, 2010

Awesome Products for Athletes

I have been a student of and fascinated by natural health since I was 13.   At that time, I read “Eat to Live” by Adelle Davis, and I was hooked.  From her book, I learned how important what we put into our bodies is, and how everything is provided for us in nature.

Over the years, I have learned about, used, and shared many nutritional products.   It seemed that every company out there was always attempting to improve upon what Mother Nature offered, and I was seduced by their claims, as many of you may have been.  And the products I chose were supposedly all natural, but I now know that many of them were not as natural as claimed.   I lived a healthy lifestyle, and benefitted from what I learned.  However, in my late 30’s, I started to have some health challenges. 

I met David Sandoval, owner of Purium Health Products, in Boca Raton, FL, a little over a year ago.  He talked about the myths and inaccuracies in the supplement industry.  For instance, he shared that any time you take a synthetic vitamin, you can be causing as much harm as good.  I learned that even isolated nutrients from natural sources can be harmful,  (i.e. Vitamin C as ascorbic acid).  You see, Ascorbic acid “mimics” Vitamin C in the short run, but since it is really only a small part of the nutrient, over time, the body overcompensates for the part that is missing.   In fact, did you know that the disease, scurvy – the very condition that clued us in to the fact that we needed Vitamin C in our diet – could NOT be reversed by ascorbic acid?  Does anyone else find that both ironic and a joke?   Also, he shared the dangers of all of the fillers, binders, and flow agents that they put in capsules, and how poor the quality of the raw ingredients tends to be, especially of protein. 

Well, that got me thinking back to Adelle’s philosophy, and I realized that all the expensive designer nutrition that got more and more complex over time was in fact laden with isolated nutrients, synthetic nutrients, and potentially harmful fillers, binders, and flow agents!   At 47 years old, I finally got back to the “aha” moment I had at 13 – and I am grateful to David for that.   

However, knowing that in our hectic lifestyle and the degradation of our environment and farms, it is near impossible, as well as financially prohibitive, to get all of the nutrition we need from our food.  Both David, and his on-staff naturopathic doctor, Michael Wohlfeld, like to say that Purium’s claim to fame is that they do very little to change what nature has provided – they are just masters at formulating and sourcing the best superfoods on the planet.  And he has an amazing buying club – so if you go to the website, know that it is very easy to get between 25 – 40% off the products for life.   I will get into that later. 

In David’s words:

“In today’s competitive sports environment, the pressure to win at all costs is greater than it’s ever been before.  And that pressure can be dangerous, especially for young, developing bodies, but also for experienced athletes.  The reason is because that pressure often leads to the use of performance enhancing substances and drugs, and of course excessive workouts that may damage the body and lead to injuries that you may not be able to recover from.  For that reason, Purium Health Producs is proud to announce the introduction of the premium line “Awesome Products for Athletes” line, where we will guide you through every aspect of sports nutrition.

Until you understand the toll that athletic performance takes on your body and implement the strategies to reverse the damage and to maximize athletic performance, you will never reach YOUR maximum potential.

Every professional athlete knows there are 8 aspects to sports nutrition, and unless you address each and every one of them, you could never achieve your maximum performance.  These include basic nutrition, energy, muscle building, reaction time, testosterone building, recovery, repair and rehydration.  And if you don’t address each and every one of them at absolute best then you cannot be at your absolute best.

This blog will talk about each of these aspects and how you can use the best ingredients without illegal substances, toxic fillers, binders and flow agents, or poor quality ingredients. 


Lisa Lothian